Super Agent Services

Super Agent Services

Super-Agent Services

Super-Agent Services

The call center industry has come a long way when it comes to digital transformation. Mobile computing, analytics, AI, social networks, cloud computing, etc. are all significant technology trends which are being embraced by modern call centers. At the same time, we are also entering an age where customer satisfaction is paramount to running a business. Customers expect fast resolution to their queries and expect greater business transparency. As a result, call centers need to maximize their effectiveness and implement steps to streamline their existing activities.

Agent Training has decades of combined call center experience in both inbound and outbound call center services. As a result, we know inside out what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to call center operations. Our Super-Agent service is the successful culmination of decades of research into making call centers more secure, efficient, and compliant. Call center agents, except for chatbots, are most definitely human, and humans are prone to making mistakes. But with our Super-Agent services, you can now easily provide extremely secure and error-free information to your customers, thereby eliminating human imperfections.

Our Super-Agent Services

While traditional phone call interactions will soon become less frequent, human call center agents would still be required for complex, confidential interactions. At the same time, call centers have one of the highest turnover rates, and lose more than 50% of their employees every year. So how do you get each agent to do what you want them to do, and how do you train them to handle confidential calls while remaining extremely professional?

Our call center live transfer services will help you navigate the traditional pitfalls of the call center industry such as –

  • Expensive training regimens for call center agents who then end up leaving thereby contributing to churn
  • Weak enforcement and measurement of norms and call center etiquette
  • Costly call center monitoring which manages to capture only random samples
  • Agent failures which in turn can lead to legal liabilities and a reduction in client satisfaction numbers

With our help, you can triumph over your call center churn while still effectively servicing customers. Our 3-step game-changing approach helps deliver strong results for customers and clients alike, and includes –

Super-Agent Calling Services

  1. Build – We recognize your requirements, your customer behavior, and build a process to ensure your agents do exactly what you want them to do.
  2. Enhance – We set up pre-defined keys which make it easy for your agents to execute a process based on your customer’s demands. We factor in different scenarios to ensure every topic and question is covered easily
  3. Improve – Continuous process improvement is a hallmark of our Super-Agent services, and ensure we update the backend platform regularly to change with your requirements

Our Super-Agent services are ideal for insurance, telehealth, and financial organizations which place extreme emphasis on security and compliance. This is because our pre-recorded conversations are 100% foolproof and adhere to strict FTC requirements. We also service the airline industry where a single mistake in confirming the details of the passengers correctly can lead to a lot of problems for the TSA and the passenger itself.

Other than these, our services can be used for –

  • Lead Generation
  • Live Transfers
  • Pledge Generation
  • Customer Calls
  • Sales Pitch
  • Data Collection
  • Fund Raising
  • Membership Renewal
  • Telemarketing

Process Flow – Super-Agent Services

Outsourcing Super-Agent services to BSS allows you to access world-class technology which works unlike any other program. Our innovative software suite allows the call center agents to use an automatic script recorded by actual call center agents in an extremely professional and courteous manner. Each call is further monitored by a call center agent, who uses pre-defined keys to direct the conversation onwards after listening to the responses. The entire process is extremely easy to set up and includes the following steps –

  1. Call Initiation – Once your customer calls (inbound) or the customer care center executive makes the call (outbound) the Super-Agent service starts in the background. The phone system notifies the software when the call has started, and all required data is sent to Super-Agent where after an initial greeting is played.
  2. Communication – The Super-Agent software communicates with the customer via pre-recorded audio files. The entire process is extremely streamlined, and your human call center agent only navigates the call using the pre-defined keys. All throughout the agent leverages data obtained from sources such as CRM, web services, etc. to intelligently communicate with the customer. Our Super-Agent can also easily handle FAQs and human conversation.
  3. Call End – The phone system once again notifies Super-Agent once the call is over. Its sends the call disposition and other necessary data directly to your CRM and then resets for the next call.

Super-Agent Qualified Live Transfer Deployment

Deploying our Super-Agent services on-premise is extremely simple. We offer many flexible deployment solutions based upon your requirements, and a full deployment is possible within weeks!

Development On-site Installation Agent Training
Proprietary APIs to integrate with your phone system or CRM
Install our Super-Agent application server and SQL
Your call center agents are given the training material
Development of call processes followed by testing and QA
No personal customer information is stored on our server
Training commences on using pre-defined keys
Timeframe varies based on project complexity
Agents are monitored for speed and efficiency
Agents are monitored for speed and efficiency

System Requirement

Super-Agent Application Server Call Center Agent PCs
>> Disk Space = 300 GB+

>> RAM = 4GB+

>> Processor - 2Ghz Dual Core or Better

>> Microsoft Server 2008 or later

>> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later
>> 100Mbps+ Network Connectivity

>> Windows 7 and above

>> Processor - 2 Ghz Dual Core or better

>> 4GB RAM or Better

>> 10GB Hard Disk space or better

>> Sound Card

We support a variety of different CRM software and phone systems, and do not use any third-party software to ensure strict compatibility and security.

How Can A Super-Agent Improve Your Call Center Workflow?

There are many ways in which a super-agent can intelligently streamline your existing processes while adding a new dynamic to stagnating ones. This includes –

  • Intelligent Call Flow Mapping

    Our proprietary software can be used by your call center agents to access and leverage important data such as AHT, call waiting times, purchase history, customer records, etc. for enhanced call flow suggestions. As a result, your agents will always know what to say or do when on a live call. The in-built text-to-speech recognition engine also works flawlessly in cases where confidential user information is required, ensuring customer verification is quick and easy without any missteps.

  • Reduced Costs

    Our super-agent is ideal for call centers which see a high level of churn and cannot justify the amount of money spent on training new employees for lesser gain. With super-agent, your call center executives do not need to be extensively coached again on compliance and soft skills. Super-agent training is relatively easy to grasp, and your executives will pick it up in no time. This reduced workload and less high-rejection calls also means that there is less attrition as employee satisfaction remains high within your company.

  • Continuous Improvement

    The simplified interface and tools present with our licensed Super-Agent software are extremely useful when it comes to running A/B tests which can further help in determining call-flow efficiency and control damages, as and when they occur. The software is inherently customizable as per the modifications required by you, and the built-in reporting feature is a boon when it comes to changing the sales-pitch in real-time. Any new method that works can then be shared with other agents as a set template, leading to reduced damages and better sales figures.

  • Enhanced Security

    Our Super-Agent software is PCI DSS certified, ensuring simplified payments and high-security for confidential user information. This in turns results in reduced AHT and improved credit card security against frauds and hacks.

Why Choose Business Services Solution Super-Agent Services?

Our Super-Agent has all responses to customer queries and inputs already pre-recorded and relies on our expertise, research and monitoring capabilities to deliver comprehensive services as and when required. As a result, you can use our services not only for confidential calls, but also for sales, surveys, lead generation, fund raising, etc. Some of the benefits of choosing our services include –

  • Better ROI – A streamlined process ensures you can maximize your profits. Our research has shown that our clients see an exponential spike in their revenue generated per hour based on the number of workstations enabled with BSS Super-Agent
  • Enhanced Productivity – Now you gain the ability to replicate the best parts of a call center agent indefinitely. This also ensures that a single call center agent can handle multiple calls efficiently. Further, you can save more money by reducing expenditure on employee training
  • Compliance – Our Super-Agent services uphold the highest degrees of regulatory compliance, and proactively adheres to disclosures, if required. With our help, you can eliminate fraud in your business, while reducing the time required to measure compliance
  • Overall Process Improvement – With our help, you can easily measure, analyze, improve, and control your calls while systematically improving the overall reliability of your service.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings Super-Agent

Customer Satisfaction Ratings Super-Agent

Sample ROI with Super-Agent

Sample roi with Super Agent

Outsource Super-Agent Services to BSS and Gain from Enhanced Efficiency

If your business heavily relies on your call center and you want to protect your customers from fraud while providing them with exceptional customer service, then our Super-Agent services are perfect for you. With years of inbound and outbound call center experience, we give you access to not only our technological superiority, but also to an affordable, stable, and compliant service that can life your overall call center performance. With BSS Super-Agent services, your call center agents will be something they have never been before – Perfect! So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us right away and learn more about how our services can help your business!

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