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Health Resource Management Assessments Engagement

Business Services Solution, LLC is a small, Veteran owned business specializing in health resource management, social service resources and supportive health coordination. We are trusted intermediaries between clients and health care organizations by bridging the activity between quality health coordination and the personalized engagement experience. We operate a customer support communication platform that offers convenient “high-touch “personalized population management. BSS is committed to health concierge service coordination for optimal patient engagement. We ensure every client encounter is a positive experience that invests in their individual plan.

Health Resource Management

• Long-term Health Service Coordination
• Expert Service Delivery Arrangement
• High-Inbound Call Relationship with Nurses, Social Workers, and Care Navigators
• 24/7 Access & Continuity
• Personalized Engagement & Transition Management
• Home and Community Based Resource Coordination
• Health Coaching & Education
• Supportive Counseling
• Health Care Analytics
• Personalized Assistance with Health Planning
• Coordination between Pharmacy, Specialists, Testing centers, Hospitals, and More
• Conduct Follow-up Phone Call/Well visits within 48 Hours from Hospital Discharge


•Inbound and Outbound customer contact with multi-channel support through voice, email, and live chat
• Telephonic Answering Service Outreach
• Call Center Outsourcing Augmentation
• Host Virtual Training Environment
• Health Education Campaigns
• 100% Call Recording
• Reporting and Analytics


• Use of Analytics for Member Identification & Monitoring
• Holistic Social Approach
• Engagement Before & After Utilization Services


• Health Risk Assessments & Preventive Screening Assessments (HEDIS)
• Behavioral Health Assessments
• Community Needs Assessments

Maximize Quality and Lower Health Care Cost?

The Business Services Solution (BSS)
As a Health Resources Management Team, we want to partner to improve value-based care initiatives to reduce costs for those at highest risk. We make use of data analytics to improve our services as a invaluable asset for reducing care gaps and social determinants that cause over utilization of health resources.

Coordination of Care in the Community?

The BSS Promise
Help pioneer the role of shared savings models in driving quality to improve population health. To improve overall population health, BSS endeavors to move care management activities into the community.
BSS wants to partner with providers to identify areas of opportunity to reduce health disparities. BSS population health management team address the myriad social determinants of health while providing holistic and personalized support to individuals facing socioeconomic challenges and obstacles in their daily lives.

Healthcare Engagement?

Let’s take you through the process
The BSS team ensures active member involvement through “high-touch” telephonic and in-person engagement before, during, and after an acute health event. Initiatives include outreach to members missing routine visits, support screening and prevention, and wellness checks.

Coordinated Care?

Here’s what we do
Complex high-risk members require support and monitoring from providers across the healthcare spectrum. Members with higher risk need sustained attention, including more frequent follow-up, social and community support, enhanced coordination services, medical adherence advice, and invitations to enroll in health maintenance programs. We perform heath risk assessments to identify a personalized plan to monitor and address health needs.