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Call Quality Monitoring Support Services

Call Quality Monitoring Support

Call Quality Monitoring Support

Call centers routinely handle more than thousands of calls every day and are especially important for maintaining great customer satisfaction numbers. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning their attention to how their call center performance measures up to industry standards. In most modern call centers, there is an increasing focus on overall call quality and quality control assurance programs in order to align business goals with what the customers really want.

At Business Services Solution, our call quality monitoring support services allow your decision makers to quickly identify the problems on the floor, maintain call quality standards, improve agent, center, and departmental performance, and enhance customer satisfaction ratios. Our call quality assurance analysts ensure that your agents provide high-quality services which align with your company’s goals while achieving better efficiency.

What Is Call Quality Monitoring?

When you outsource quality monitoring support you get to experience improved customer service while still being able to track your call center agents in real time. Call monitoring enables the floor managers to maintain high call quality standards while discovering problems being faced by the agents, improper behavior, or any signs of customer stress. They are also able to prioritize calls based on their importance, ensuring high-value prospects or long-standing customers can talk to more seasoned executives who can handle their queries better.

Call quality monitoring helps you to –

  • Deploy specific call recording software with various functions
  • Define what an ideal call should be like
  • Involve your agents in regular training and feedback sessions
  • Evaluate agent performance and reward those who succeed
  • Chart the metrics which are most important for your customers

What are the Quality Monitoring Support Services Offered by BSS?

Outsourcing quality monitoring support in USA requires expert knowledge of the big players and what they offer to their clients. BSS has worked with hundreds of businesses around the world while providing our exceptional call center and call quality monitoring services. Our team listens to and evaluates the call being made by your agents, and provides actual, real-time feedback which contributes to your overall success. Some of the quality monitoring support services offered by BSS include –

  1. Call Monitoring

    Our quality analysts go through your existing call recordings and new calls to provide actionable insights. During the monitoring process, all details are captured in an electronic evaluation form, and a calibration session is performed so all your agents and intra-departments are aware of what a good quality call constitutes. As over time, the quality process in call monitoring matures, we make the necessary improvements so as to strive towards better quality call results.

    The information and feedback are provided in easy to understand dashboards which provide detailed information about the performance of your agents and help you find ways to counter bad customer feedback.

  2. Call Quality Evaluation Programs

    All our QA analysts are former, long-standing call center agents and therefore have exceptional knowledge when it comes to outsourcing quality monitoring support to BSS. Armed with this knowledge, our team helps to develop evaluation programs that analyze the critical metrics in your organization and the performance behaviors of your call center agents. Our evaluation programs are different for different organizations and are closely aligned with your company goals – whether inbound or outbound. Our evaluation programs help to unearth the root cause of the problems plaguing your call center, suggest improvements, and enhance your overall output. Our evaluation programs consist of –

    • Structured and unstructured mining of call data
    • Data collection from voice, non-voice, chat, email, and other channels
    • Setting up the quality roadmap
    • Developing customer feedback incorporation through NPS/CSAT surveys, scorecards, dashboards
    • Creating sentiment analysis scorecards
    • Creating agent, team, and call center quality scorecard based upon feedback
    • Suggesting corrective improvements regularly
  3. Call Center Industry Analysis

    As part of our services, we not only monitor the quality within your call center but draw on our industry experience and our ability to stay on top of new trends to provide you with exceptional industry information. This includes capturing and presenting “voice of customer” information from other competitors, researching industry-wide product, pricing, and service trends, etc. Our industry research helps your marketing department make decisions on how to market products to customers over a call or attract them with offers specifically targeting them.

  4. Call Center Agent Training

    BSS also provides high-quality agent training in order to inform them about the quality processes either separately, or as a group. We also help train your operation leaders on how to leverage the evaluation programs created by us to help in the holistic development of their team. The team closely monitors your agents during the training process and helps evaluate quality from the perspective of the agent, team supervisor, and customer with the help of automated analytics. A regular training process consists of –

    • Calibrating call quality scores to ensure consistency
    • Integrating performance management tools to create balanced scorecards and coaching workflows
    • Real-time monitoring of all agent audio and screen interactions

What is Quality Assurance in BPO?

There are several steps involved in ensuring the quality assurance process goes smoothly once implemented. Our team of call quality monitoring experts helps you find the quickest path towards improving your call quality while ensuring your business requirements are always met by the agents. The steps involved in the quality assurance process implemented by BSS include –

  • Setting up the call quality monitoring software that tracks, monitors, and records all inbound and outbound calls
  • Develop scorecards or evaluation forms based on the active involvement of agents, floor managers, and other stakeholders to measure performance. The scorecards include –
    • Measurements in accordance to the KPIs, company policy, external benchmarking, etc.
    • Customer satisfaction metrics (obtained through research, interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc.)
    • Exact definition of what constitutes a high-quality call
    • Examples of all behaviors that will be assessed by the call monitoring team
  • Manager training session for scoring agents based on call quality performance
  • Regular feedback about ongoing processes to the agents and the management
  • Daily dashboards delivered to the decision-making team consisting of agent and team performance
  • Incorporating call quality results into incentive plans for employees
  • Live call monitoring using the scorecard and proprietary software, including the tracking of agent particulars such as –
  • Regular feedback about ongoing processes to the agents and the management
  • Daily dashboards delivered to the decision-making team consisting of agent and team performance
  • Incorporating call quality results into incentive plans for employees

How Do I Benefit by Outsourcing Quality Monitoring Support to BSS?

With over 18 years of experience in the call center industry, we have managed to fine-tune our processes to suit the needs of our clients. Some of the reasons you should choose BSS when you decide to outsource quality monitoring support include –

  • 360° View of Agent Quality – Our proprietary software ensures you always remain informed about the performance of your agents. Whether it is a small team or a large call center team spanning different bases, we help you track their performance in real-time. With our help you can –

    • Evaluate call quality from the perspective of the agent, customer, and even the supervisor
    • Integrate performance management tools to create balanced scorecards and coaching workflows
    • Objective-based evaluations include the tracking of various metrics such as call pace, proper use of time, greeting and closing, a recap of procedures, etc.
  • On-going Quality Calibration – We believe that quality can always improve steadily over time, and our processes ensure agent performance is calibrated over time for higher results and better customer satisfaction. With our help you can –

    • View agent variance in the evaluations from a minute level
    • Playback all agent interactions as and when required
    • Create multiple calibration topics
    • Export the calibration results and view them in a dashboard format
  • Achieve Automation with Speech Analytics – Speech analytics is an up and coming technology which is finding heavy usage in modern-day call centers and provide a comprehensive solution for call quality management. With speech analytics you can –

    • Sample 100% call quickly and effectively instead of sampling lesser numbers
    • Create a completely objective baseline for agent calibration easily
    • Categorize calls automatically based on business requirements
    • Search for interactions based on keywords and phrases
    • Directly listen to live calls or recorded interactions from the safe interface
  • Modern Call Monitoring Software – Our proprietary software features a rich, web-based GUI which updates in the background ensuring complete reliability and zero downtime. The responsive web-design further means all browsers support it and require very small hardware specifications. It is also extremely easy to use, ensuring call quality management tasks can carry on unhindered.

  • Consistency of Evaluations – With multiple delivery centers around the world, we can work with your call center based out of one location or many. This further ensures the consistency of results across your teams, as we leverage our expertise on SAS-based delivery models to ensure all evaluations are conducted quickly and the results delivered in a format of your own choosing.

  • Feedback Transparency – You receive complete access to our call performance records as well as the call recordings made. We ensure all the recordings are stored on a dependable third-party server, to which you have access to at all time. With BSS as your call quality management partner, you can –

    • Get detailed analysis reports on a daily basis
    • Get access to all calls tagged on an urgency basis
    • Make changes to the quality program by liaising with our dedicated project manager
  • Affordable Call Quality Monitoring – Our call quality monitoring support services can help clients to drastically reduce their operational costs. With improved services and reduced call rejections, it will only help in boosting the sales and revenues for the client.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure – We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of world-class office spaces, uninterrupted network connections, and access to the latest call monitoring software which will lead to improving the processes and boost revenues.

Outsource Quality Monitoring Support Services to BSS

Today, the market is flooded with emergent technologies and a variety of different customer contact channels. With thousands of metrics to look at and hundreds of variables to consider, businesses often lose focus on that fact that success only comes with better customer satisfaction. Customers today care more about service than ever before, and because of social media, and more vocal about their demands and disappointments.

If your company is seeing its call quality monitoring efforts fail while having to deal with reduced sales numbers and dissatisfied customers, then contact us at Business Services Solution who can help you get your efforts back on track with our call center services. Our expertise will help you glean practical and honest insights from your call quality program and leverage the same for better call center management.

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